What is a Prepaid Probate Plan?

Probate is when the family of the deceased distributes your estate with the help of a solicitor. This may appear to be the easiest option but in truth, it can be a lengthy process and also an expensive one. However, if you decide to opt for a probate plan instead then it means that the cost of this process is decided in advance and paid off before you die. This means that your family or loved ones do not have to pay this cost after you die.

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There are many benefits of a prepaid probate plan; these plans mean that there is no possibility of the price of the probate increasing in the future. It is fixed now, and once this initial price is paid there will be no future costs at all, taking the pressure off your family and loved ones later down the line. Furthermore, if the prepaid plan is still out of your price range, for now, we offer you the opportunity to pay it off in instalments rather than paying the full price upfront.

Therefore these plans offer far more flexibility which can change based on your financial situation at the time. The time surrounding probate can be very stressful for your family and loved ones. This prepaid plan is a way that you can ensure that the stress and burden can be taken off them so that they no longer have to worry about this decision on your behalf. Removing this responsibility from your family members can be a huge weight lifted from them at a time where they need it the most.